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One of the most frustrating and time consuming tasks that confront businesses today is navigating the many rules and regulations imposed by local, state and federal governments. If your business is drowning in red tape and unable to move forward due to a dispute with a government agency, our business law lawyers in Columbia, MO can help alleviate your anxiety and get you back on track.

Cost-Effective Compliance Solutions

At Haden & Colbert, our attorneys are trained in navigating the unique mix of legal and political issues at play in disputes with government agencies. If you have a problem with a government agency, we will fight for you with an eye towards cost effective compliance solutions. We can also help your business avoid problems before they start with compliance reviews that ensure your business is following all applicable regulations for your industry. And at Haden & Colbert we are experienced in working with engineers and other technical service providers to ensure that their work meets legal requirements.

Industries & Areas

Some of the industries and areas in which we offer regulatory legal services include:

  • Discrimination Cases
  • Environmental regulatory disputes for agriculture, manufacturing and construction

  • OSHA compliance

  • Labor and employment compliance

  • Unemployment insurance compliance

  • Professional licensing and discipline proceedings

  • Tax and revenue disputes

  • Weights and measures compliance

  • Wildlife and natural resources regulatory compliance

  • Animal welfare and disease compliance

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