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Every case, large or small, deserves to be treated with the same diligence and urgency. At The Law Firm of Haden & Colbert, we do just that. We are committed to providing Mid-Missouri residents with the right solution at the right time. Whether you are looking to sift through the details of your estate plan or you were recently charged in a criminal case, our team is ready to provide results for you.

With over 25 years of experience and proven results in Mid-Missouri law cases, our team is equipped to make sure your rights and desires are represented. Dealing with the law can be stressful and overwhelming. It is our job to take that stress off of your shoulders so you can continue to live your everyday life.

Our Practice Areas Include:

DUI Lawyers Columbia, MO

DUI/DWI Defense

Whether you were charged in Columbia, MO, inside Boone County, or outside of Boone County, contact our DUI/DWI defense lawyers today for expert legal counsel.

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Criminal Lawyers Columbia, MO

Criminal Defense

One of the most frightening and upsetting experiences a person can have is to be accused of or arrested for committing a crime.

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Estate Planning Columbia, MO

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of preparing and implementing a plan for transferring assets from one generation to another.

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Elder Law Columbia, MO

Elder Law

An Elder Law practice is defined by the client to be served. In other words, the lawyer who practices Elder Law may handle a range of issues but has a specific type of clients – seniors.

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Business Law Columbia, MO

Business Law

If your business is drowning in red tape and unable to move forward due to a dispute with a government agency, Haden & Colbert can help alleviate your anxiety and get you back on track.

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Non-Profit Lawyers Columbia, MO


The Law Firm of Haden & Colbert serves various types of nonprofit organizations, including charitable organizations, religious organizations and political organizations.

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Ag Law Columbia, MO

Agricultural Law

The attorneys of Haden & Colbert are dedicated to helping farmers and ranchers protect their livelihoods and rural lifestyle.

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